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Why Choose Snooze

Posted by Admin on 4th Nov 2014

The night time is usually reduced to the purpose of sleeping only. However, we at Snooze believe that the night is meant for so much more. It is often at night when you are relaxing that the best ideas come to you; sometimes the best mood you experience within twenty-four hours is when the day is about to end. So, the night should be equally valued as the daylight hours.

We try our best to bring to light (pun intended!) how fun the darker part of the day can be. Our designs symbolize sleep, relaxation and giving yourself some me-time, three things we consider extremely important for every human’s productive functioning. Not only that, but our products are equally comfortable as your favourite worn out t-shirts and pajamas that you hold so dear.

By choosing Snooze, you get the best of both worlds: comfort and high quality.